Strange and Funny Signs

7 Feb

Yeah, they’re all over India- funny signs, misspelled words, incorrect grammar, odd implications, you name it. I have seen signs asking people, “Please Don Not Pass Urine Here,” signs telling people that, “Strolling is Prohibited” on a promenade made for strolling, signs imploring you to “Beware of your personal belongings,” as if they will turn on you if you don’t watch them. And the list goes on and on and on.

These two that Astrid and I found while walking around the lake in Kodaikanal however are just plain hilarious. I can’t read them because they are in Tamil, but the first one seems to be about “Johnny Lovey Condom” who is embarrassed because of his sexual prowess. I have never seen a penis with feet though and that frightens me a little. Actually…that frightens me a lot more than I let on, I mean why does this penis have feet? Why does he look to be in love? These are questions I may never answer, unless I learn Tamil.

And this one is obviously about a man who is having problems in his nether regions…as if something has fallen off or has bumps. He should probably see a physician sooner rather than later.

I thought to myself “Why not post these photos and let our readers caption them. So if you can think of a good caption just leave it in the comments section!



3 Responses to “Strange and Funny Signs”

  1. adriana February 8, 2008 at 4:32 am #

    “These are questions I may never answer, unless I learn Tamil.”
    You can always ask…

    But with my knowledge of Tamil* I would say, for the first one:

    “I am so embarrassed to be covered in such a sticky disguise. Maybe someone will confuse me with Casper…”

    And the second one… a plain “OMG!” would do. Maybe translated into something like “in Kali’s good name, what the heck has happened here!?”

    Tic, tac, tic, tac…

    *lost forgotten and limited to hello, thank you and good bye…

  2. BS September 22, 2008 at 11:20 am #

    Hi Guys,
    These are well-meaning Advertisments.

    The first one is encouraging people to use condoms. It goes like this :

    * Prevents Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    * Prevents HIV/AIDS
    * Prevents unnecessary pregnancy


    The second one tries to create awareness about a common STD (sexually transmitted Disease – VD)

    It goes on to spell out the symptoms of VD and urges to see a doctor immediately if any of the symptoms occur!

    Cute Ads targeted at the local folk!

  3. indiatraveller October 8, 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    HA! I know…I asked someone as we were walking around the lake! I just wanted to share with everyone.


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