A Place to Avoid in Ft. Cochin

1 Feb

I don’t rant about lodging very often, but I know that a lot of people look at this blog (almost 2,000 people per month in fact) and I want to make sure that fellow travellers don’t get screwed while they travel in India.

Things started out well, we found (what we thought was) a nice place at Oy’ Cafe and Rooms, the room was big, sunny, and there was a cafe downstairs.  The guys who ran the place were young and very nice.  We got a Rs. 200 discount on the room that was supposed to be Rs. 1000 per night and everything was going well…Until a couple of days ago when Astrid and I started feeling ill.  It got worse yesterday, and we felt fortunate to have a nice, clean place to get well.

This morning the owner/ manager came to our room and asked if we were checking out.  We said, “No,” as we were trying to book forward travel and get better.  So we went to breakfast and then to go use the Internet,  when we decided to switch Internet places (which is crap at Café de Net BTW) because of a slow connection, we saw the owner/ manager of our guest house who looked worried.  He told us that someone had booked the room we were staying in and he “forgot to write it down.”  He wanted us to move out of our room and he said that he would find us another room.  Unfortunately, I know this game- you see, the “person who booked the room was going to pay the full amount of Rs. 1000 and this guy did the math really quickly. 

SO…we went back to the room right away, packed, paid our bill and got out of there…the manager wasn’t even around to look us in the eye when we left.  When we saw him as we were walking down the street to find a new guest house, he ducked into someone’s shop- the coward.  DON’T STAY AT OY’S IN FT. COCHIN.

Anyway, we found a nice room at Santa Cruz Tourist Home for Rs. 550 per night.  We’ll be leaving Ft. Cochin as soon as possible.


One Response to “A Place to Avoid in Ft. Cochin”

  1. Anja February 1, 2008 at 5:12 pm #

    if you need a nice escape, have lunch in the kashi-art-cafe in burgher st. .after 5 weeks “pure” india we liked the place for the daily special and no stress.

    best wishes, anja

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