The Life Epectancy of Clothing…

30 Jan

…is right around six months if you wear the same things everyday or every other day. 

How do I know this? 

Because I’ve tested it and so has Astrid.  We bought new things to wear on this trip to India and as we come to the end of our trip, they are in shambles- broken zippers, tears, fraying, holes, you name it.  Astrid is talking about dumping her clothes in Mumbai before we get on the plane as she swears she will never wear them again. 

You see laundry in India is cheap to do- pay 100 rupees ($2.50 US) and you get most of your clothes cleaned, dried, pressed and returned to you.  Except everything that you send out gets beaten to a bloody pulp on rocks, floors, walls, wherever and what you get back is a sad representation of what you sent out.  We’ve passed laundries where they have traveller’s (and our own) clothes hanging out to dry on power lines, cyclone fences, and barbed wire.  It is disconcerting to walk by and see your underwear flapping in the breeze while people walk by.  And although your clothes get trashed, you ARE helping put food on some families table by paying to have your laundry done, so I don’t feel too bad about a faded shirt.

So, when you go out travelling, try it out yourself , see how long your clothes last.



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