The sad state of restaurants on Palolem Beach

26 Nov

After having some markedly awful meals on Palolem Beach including a nasty Caesar salad with very little lettuce, tomatoes that tasted like fish, and lots of mayonnaise at the San Francisco Beach Cafe and other inedible delicacies at other places on the beach, Astrid and I finally found Moksha Lounge, a place that serves good food at decent prices.

We happened to meet Jane, the English co-owner of this cafe while she was playing with her son Jack and dog Kuti in the water. We got to talking, and she told us that she and a local Goan man, Julio, just opened the cafe eight days ago. She was very cool so we decided to give it a try.

I’m glad we did. The menu was still “multi-cuisine” but the difference here is that everything is good and they take pride in serving quality food. We’ve been back a few times and everything we’ve had from kebabs to pasta dishes to tapas have been spot on. Jane even makes real English sausages from her own recipe and won’t tell anyone else about it- so you won’t see them being replicated anywhere else on the beach. They also have the newest sun beds on the beach with clean towels and everything!

Anyway, Moksha Lounge is right between the San Francisco Beach Cafe (GAG) and Inn Joy Seafood Restaurant halfway between the main entrance and the south end of the beach.

If you go, enjoy and say hello from Anthony!



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