Ginger Hotels- Like living inside an IKEA!

1 Nov

So we took the train from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar this afternoon and stayed at a relatively new chain of hotels for India. The Ginger Hotels have quite a few locations in the south of India and they are modern and very cool. They are also not cheap by Indian standards. But, in this instance, you actually get what you pay for: Danish modern design, fun color schemes, staff that actually want to help you, lifts (for those sick of stairs,) AC, flat screen TVs in all the rooms, a gym, vending machines (unheard of in India,) SOFT and CLEAN sheets, and a decent restaurant.

More hotels in India need to look at what is going on here, my biggest complaint so far, with so many hotels is the lack of simple cleanliness. Ginger has got it down.

So here’s my top five recommendations for all you hoteliers in India…

  1. Clean your windows with vinegar and water- don’t just wipe them with a dirty cloth that streaks grime and nastiness all over them.
  2. Kill cockroaches and other bugs- don’t let them multiply and take over.
  3. Use some bleach now and again on your white bedding- it won’t hurt you, I promise.
  4. If your restaurant has a kitchen, and it is viewable by the public, please clean it at least once a month, or even better just close the door, no one wants to see what they may be eating.
  5. A coat of paint doesn’t hurt, it may cost money, but you’ll recoup it in the amount of people that continue to stay at your hotel.

There I said it. Hopefully you’ll do something about it.


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