Seeing Kanchanjunga

6 Oct


This morning Astrid and I, along with two new friends, Anupam and Mori from Bangladesh, woke at the butt crack of dawn- 3:30 am to be exact and took a 12 km drive from Darjeeling to Tiger Hill to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas and hopefully, just hopefully, catch a peek at Kanchanjunga- the third highest peak in the world at 8586 meters (28,168 feet).

We haven’t had a clear morning since we have been here, and I wasn’t sure we would this morning either, until we went outside and saw thousands of stars gracing the sky along with a thin sliver of moon and the planet Venus. Everything- it seemed cleared for us. We raced through the towns leading up to Tiger Hill and waited what seemed like forever for the lookout to open its gates. As they did, a throng of jeeps, taxis, cars, etc flooded into the lookout point. It became so crowded that we decided to walk rather than wait.

As we made our way to the observation platform- overlooking 250 km in all directions, I was greeted by the sight of the great mountain- looming large directly in front of us. It hadn’t been viewable for weeks because of clouds, and now it was here. It was massive.

As the first rays of light broke in the East, Kanchanjunga stood huge turning from dark gray, to dark blue to light blue, to pink and then white. Standing there, I felt like I was being taken up into the sky and I realized why the people that live near the Himalayas believe they are the home of the gods. It was so beautiful.


Darjeeling is like living in heaven, so much beauty and so much sweetness. I will post more about the town later.

Before I go, a picture of Kanchanjunga at sunrise:


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