Trying to get to Bodhgaya

26 Sep

We made it to Bodhgaya after a few issues with the Indian Railway system, you see one of my many “friends” who worked on the train decided to play a little prank on the silly Americans.

He told us that the train we were on was no longer going to Gaya, but to Patna 120 km away. Another woman on the train corroborated his story. So we believed him… He told us that we had to hurry to catch our train that he pointed to on another platform. We rushed to get our gear and ran to the train only to find out that we WERE supposed to be on the train that we just left. We could get on this other train that was going to Gaya as well- however, to make it worse, the train employees tried to get us to pay another 100 rupees each to switch out our ticket and then get on the shitty sleeper class car- all we had to do was run back to the main office, wait in line, get our tickets stamped, and get back to the train before it left in three minutes- NO FUCKING WAY.

I told the agents that we would not go to the office, that we would not pay 100 rupees and we WOULD be getting on the car that we paid for. We took off and marched straight for the 3AC car- explained our dilemma and were seated right away. No issues. The man that tried to get us to pay the extra 100 rupees was even on the train and didn’t say anything- we just took what we wanted and no one said anything. It was fucking great!

Anyway we arrived in Bodhgaya finally, just a few hours late. I will post more later, it is beautiful here.


One Response to “Trying to get to Bodhgaya”

  1. David Rice September 29, 2007 at 5:49 pm #

    I gotta ask, are you having any fun or is it just escaping from one scam after the other?

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