24 Sep

Hey, just catching up on my postings here. I haven’t been able to download my camera until today.

Varanasi was an incredibly holy place, however any spirituality was shattered by people trying to scam you or sell you things. I was disappointed in so many ways, and at the same time there were moments when everything was right in the universe and I felt totally content there.

The highlights were the bookshops, the boat ride on the river Ganga (a pain to set up, but worth it,) and the evening ritual at Assi , which we attended twice.

Varanasi is the place people want to die in India, it is believed that people who die here acheive moksha or liberation from life on Earth. Out of reverence for the families of the dead, we did not spend much time at the cremation ghats, but seeing it from the boat ride, it was not the somber event that death is the western world. Quite beautiful actually.

Next stop, Bodhgaya! See you soon.

Here is a photo of Assi Ghat from the water:

And a view of our boatsman at night:


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