We made it!

12 Sep

We landed in Delhi last night at about 10:30 pm local time and promptly got knocked over by the chaos that is the Indira Ghandi International Airport.  After withdrawing money from an atm and purchasing a pre-paid taxi slip, we got into a taxi for our trip to Majnu Ka Tilla.

If for a minute we thought it would be easy, we were mistaken.  We were being scammed from the get go.  The two nice taxi drivers were playing dumb like they didn’t know where our hotel was- they ended up taking us through Karol Bagh (a nasty place to be) telling us it was Majnu Ka Tilla to show us how unsafe it was to be on the streets.  Luckily I was aware that the signs on the road were saying Karol Bagh and asked the driver why we were here instead of where we were supposed to go.  We then ended up on a wild goose chase that took us to a “tourist office” where the nice gentleman supposedly called our hotel to check our reservation- yeah right- I was talking to his buddy and knew it right away.  I hung up on the guy and we got back into the taxi to continue the scam.  As we drove back through Connaught Place- the opposite direction of Majnu Ka Tilla, our taxi broke down and we ended up conveniently in front of another “tourist office.”  Having had enough of the game playing, I worked out a deal where the scammers paid an autorickshaw driver to take us to our hotel.

We finally reached it at 1:30 a.m. and got to go to sleep.  BTW- I recommend our hotel if you are in Delhi- it is called Wongdhen House in the New Tibetan Colony, north of Civil Lines.

Here is the view from our hotel room of the Yamuna River.


We leave Friday for Agra and then who knows from there, either Varanasi or the Rajasthan desert.



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